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Holidays Holidays
Reach out to your clients/ business associates/ customers & wish 'em a very Happy Valentine's Day !
Birthday Birthday
Wish your colleague/ business partner/ client/ boss on his/ her B'day & make 'em feel special.
Thank You Thank You
Send a warm note of thanks & show your appreciation to your business partners/ clients/ colleagues !
Retirement Retirement
Warm, heartfelt & humorous wishes for your friends/ colleagues on their retirement/ farewell.
Apologies Apologies
Send heartfelt apologies to your business associates/ colleagues/ friends & bridge the misunderstanding !
Congrats Congrats
It's their Big Day ! Make them feel really special with these cards.
Business Relations Business Relations
Reach out to your clients/ business associates with these warm ecards & build a long lasting relationship !
Announcement Announcement
Inform your business associates/ clients/ colleagues about your new address, updated service & more !
Humor Humor
Jus' to share a laugh with someone !
Back 'Em Up ! Back 'Em Up !
Make them smile with these encouraging cards !
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