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Mon, Nov 13 2006 
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1. Birthday Wishes
2. Thanksgiving
3. Birthday Flowers
4. Birthday Fun
5. Birthday Songs
6. Birthday Smiles
7. Birthday Friends
8. Love Couples
9. You Are Special
10. Love You
11. Love Poems
12. Bro & Sis Birthday

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. Congratulations
. Get Well Soon
. Good Luck
. Good Morning / Night
. Happy Birthday
. Have A Great Day
. Hi / Hello
. I Am Sorry
. I Love You
. Missing You
. Sympathy & Support
. Thank You
. Thinking Of You
. Wedding & Anniversary

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Everyday Cards
Everyday Cards

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November 2006
12 Happy Hour Day
12 Pizza But No Anchovies Day
10 Forget Me Not Day

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World Kindness Day
World Kindness Day

[ Nov 13 ]
Pickle Appreciation Day
Pickle Appreciation Day

[ Nov 14 ]
Teddy Bear Day
Teddy Bear Day

[ Nov 18 ]

[ Nov 23 ]
World Peace Day
World Peace Day

[ Nov 17 ]
November Flower
November Flower

[ November ]

[ Sep 23 - Dec 21]
Chrysanthemum Month
Chrysanthemum Month

[ November ]
  . Monday Blues   . Actors Day
  . Guacamole Day   . Children's Day (India)
  . World Diabetes Day   . Clean Out Your
Refrigerator Day
  . Teddy Bear Day   . You Are Special
  . Best Friends   . Cute Hugs

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Birthday Greetings Birthday Greetings Love Ecards Love Ecards
Scorpio Birthday, B'day Wishes, Happy B'day, B'day Flowers, Bro & Sis B'day, B'day Fun, Belated B'day, more... Missing You, You Are Special, Forever Love, I Love U, Love Poems, For Your Sweetheart, Love Notes, more...
Everyday Cards Everyday Cards Friendship Ecards Friendship Ecards
Thank You, Congratulations, Sorry, Have A Great Day, Miss You, Good Luck, Get Well Soon, Thinking Of You, more... Best Friends, Friendship Thoughts, Hello, I'm Always Here For You, Special Friends, Hugs & Caring, Keep In Touch, more...
Flower Greetings Flower Greetings Stay In Touch Stay In Touch
Roses, For A Friend, Virtual Bouquets, For Someone You Care, For Your Love, more... Send A Smile, Thinking Of You, Hi!, Missing You, Have A Nice Day, Keep In Touch, more...
Cute Cards Cute Ecards Wedding Wedding
Hugs, Smile, Kiss, Angels Ecards, Love-Bytes, Heart To Heart, Cupid's Corner, Teddies, more... Engagement, Wedding Congrats, Wedding Flowers, Anniversaries, Made For Each Other, more...
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Thank You, Congrats, Humor, Farewell, E notes, Back 'Em Up!, Apologies, Birthday, more... Islam, Christianity, Bible Quotes, Angels, Hinduism, Spirituality, Buddhism, Bahai, more...
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Bro n Sis, Baby, Husband 'n Wife, Love You Mom, Love You Dad, Sons & Daughters, Wish You Were Here, more... Sympathy & Condolences, Quotes And Poetry, Encouragement, Support, Angels, Recovery, more...
Anniversary Anniversary Invitations Invitations
Wedding Anniversary, Our Anniversary, Milestones, more... Birthday, Party, Wedding, Food And Drink, more...
Pets Greeting Card Pets Greeting Card Specials Specials
Delightful Dogs, Cute Cats, Hi-Hello, Loss Of Pets, more... Enjoy The Weekend !, Monday Blues, Tuesday Toons, more...
Events Calendar
. Happy Thanksgiving
. Turkey Fun
. Prayers
. Friends
. Spirit Of Thanksgiving
. Jokes
November Flowers
Veterans Day [ Nov 11 ]

Birthday Birthday

    . Happy Birthday
    . Birthday Wishes
    . Birthday Fun
    . Friends' Birthday
    . Birthday Flowers
    . Belated Birthday

. Autumn
. Thanksgiving
...More Events

Daily Celebrations
November 2006

13 Actors Day
13 World Kindness Day
13 Start A Rumor Day
14 Pickle Appreciation Day
14 Young Readers Day
14 Monet Day
14 Guacamole Day
14 Children's Day (India)
14 World Diabetes Day
15 Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
15 Shichi-Go-San (Japan)
15 Pikes Peak Day
15 America Recycles Day
16 Fast Food Day
16 Birth Of The Blues Day
16 International Day For Tolerance
16 Fast For A World Harvest Day
17 Lung Cancer Awareness Day
17 Take A Hike Day
17 World Peace Day
17 Homemade Bread Day
17 Coping With Uncertainty Day
18 Moms And Dads Day
18 Buffalo On The Block Day
18 Teddy Bear Day
19 Doo Dah Parade (California)
19 International Pickle Festival
(New York)

19 Pencil Day
19 US Marine Corps Day
20 Absurdity Day
20 Air Your Dirty Laundry Day
20 Peanut Butter Fudge Day
20 Traffic Light Day
20 Universal Children's Day
21 World Hello Day
21 World Television Day
22 Hockey Day
22 Independence Day (Lebanon)
22 Stop The Violence Day
22 "What Do You Love About America" Day
...More Events

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